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Our Story

Solo Cru

The beginning of a beautiful relationship

Introducing those who seek new taste adventures to the traditions and authenticity of Italian wines : this is Solo Cru’s mission. It’s a journey that has taken us around the world as we share our passion for natural wines made in a sustainable process and with respect for our planet.

In the business of


Recalling the passion of the Italian people for wines and the terroir where they come from, we believe every bottle has a story to tell and a unique taste to savour.



To nurture a brighter, bolder future for organic, biodynamic and natural wines produced by boutique wineries that follow Sustainable Agriculture principles.


To create personal, distinctive taste adventures for wine lovers of all backgrounds and knowledge levels.

Artisanal Wines

To introduce to the world exclusive Italian craft wines, made from native grapes and produced by small artisanal wineries.

We Believe Every Bottle

Has A Story to Tell And

A Unique Taste to Savour

Solo Cru is a Toronto-based wine importer focused on natural wines, with loyal customers around the world. Our additive-free and high-quality wine selection is inspired by the sustainability principles which are a standard, not an exception, of the craft wineries we partner with.

Founded in 2012, Solo Cru is led by Massimo Davanzo, Lou Monico and Alberto Davanzo, the core team responsible for selecting the great wines we share with the world.

Massimo Davanzo

Founder & Sommelier

I’ve spent my entire working career travelling around the world while dedicating my life to learning about healthy living. Besides my studies in marketing, economics and as a Sommelier, I turned my passion as a wine enthusiast into a learning experience by reaching out to wine producers worldwide, tasting their products and being inspired by the sustainable impact of their production on the environment. With a growing awareness of the importance of keeping the earth healthy, I began to consider the future of this industry.

From organic grape growing to recycled packaging, I believe the traditional toast to your good health” applies equally to the planet as it does to ourselves. I work side by side with winemakers so that, together, we reach the goals of superior-quality wines made responsibly with a reduced carbon footprint.

I started Solo Cru from the ground up, believing the best ingredient in the wine is the honesty and integrity of the person who makes it. I love passing along these values through my wine classes, events and tastings, where customers enjoy the same emotions we experience in the vineyard as we grow our own biodynamic grapes.

Lou Monico

Business Partner

I can honestly say wine-making is in my veins. As the son of Italian immigrants to Canada, wine was part of my everyday life, from helping my father make it in our garage to enjoying wonderful celebrations with family and friends. And while wine-making with my father is a cherished childhood memory, it also helped build a strong emotional connection to Italy and its rich history and traditions as a leading wine-producing nation. To the Solo Cru family I bring my 25+ years experience in sales and marketing with large Canadian and U.S. multinational organizations. along with my love of sharing the stories, passions, and happiness our wines bring to people around the world.